Wednesday, June 29, 2005


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here it is!

playing with flickr

I did it! I found that its possible to grab an image from flickr and have it appear here on my wwg blog! cool!
The next step is to upload my own pics to flickr and then make it appear.

Plus there's a better (easier) way of doing this, using the 'blogthis' button on flickr, and thats for later too!

resources resources resources

acid xpress for making music with loops
you all know it - its pretty cool for free! Look for the link to download free acid xpress
and you need some loops - 8packs. Find the link in the 'quick links' area - top right of the screen.

But beware! the free acid xpress won't create mp3 files! it will save project files and create other files though (eg lo quality real media). To create other file formats useful for making music cd's and mp3 files for the web, you can partner it with audacity (see below).

cartoon digital story telling?
Visit gnomz for a cool interactive digital storytelling engine. Running inside your browser, you pick cartoon characters then fill in the speech bubbles, then print out or email your cartoon to a friend.
Check it out!

another amazing free sound program - audacity
This program is great to creating your own loops, and also for making mp3 files from the free acid xpress.
audacity is open source, which means anyone can use it, share it, even edit it to add functionality to the program itself, then share their improvements back with all the users.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hi everyone and welcome to wwgraffiti 2005

Posting from the library at sydney institute at the start of wwgraffiti project. Its great to finally meet everyone, and to arrive at this day we've been planning for what seems such a long time.

Paulis has given us an overview of the project and the energy levels in the room really exploded as we began to create our own blogs and link them together. Plus Lisa's digital camera has been working overtime so we'll soon have views of all of us in our profiles , so we dont forget who we all are!!

Plus we've found all the project documentation has been thoughtfully compiled for our convenience at

One of my favourite blogs is where the legendary Leigh Blackall collects heaps of cool resources and ideas related to the topics of this project.

Really looking forward to working together!